Coalition for World Community of Democratic Nations | Partner Organizations
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Partner Organizations

We are in the early stages of forming the coalition.
Current members of the Coalition are:


Democratic World Federalists (California)

A World Federation is built on the principles of Democracy, a Republic, a Secular, and a Federal system. Together they support a worldwide structure that can tackle today’s most pressing problems.

President: Robert Flax


Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance (Australia)

 The Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance is a not-for-profit organization, whose central goal is to support world-leading academic study, research and advocacy on the subject of democratic global governance, as a necessary prerequisite for long-term peace, prosperity and sustainable development in our global village.The Institute also supports community education and interfaith outreach on these issues.

Chairman: Chris Hamer


Sydney Democracy Network


 Based at the University of Sydney, SDN is a new initiative preoccupied with the new, exciting and dangerous political trends of our times. The researchers, lecturers, activists, journalists and policy makers associated with SDN come from different walks of life and have a diverse range of interests, but they all see themselves as concerned citizens sharing the same goal: to rethink, strengthen and transform the ideals and practices of democracy. Guided by a strong sense of context and history, they see democracy as both a form of government and a way of life committed to greater equality and the practical refusal of publicly unaccountable power.

SDN supports enquiries into a rich variety of subjects, including networked politics, online mobilisation and the future of journalism in a media-saturated world; global public disaffection with representative government; political ethics; surveillance technologies; the gendering of politics; democratic deficits within cross-border governing institutions; and environmental movements, corporate power and the fate of our biosphere

Director: Professor John Keane


“Liberté, égalité, fraternité”


World Citizens Association (Australia)

World Citizens propose a democratic global parliament be created, where global problems can be discussed and settled, laws to protect us all can be established and people from around the world are able to have a say in global issues that are getting harder to ignore.

President: Daryl Le Cornu


 World Citizens March (France)

The aim of the World Citizens March towards the Unity of the Planet is to bring together, within a global movement, every woman and man in the world who is determined to induce the representatives of their countries to sign a new United Nations Charter. In turn, this Charter would give birth to the World Federation of United Nations. Open to all Nations and respectful of States, the World Federation of United Nations has for its main objective to gradually include every country in the world, becoming the keystone to the political organization of humankind.